Tuesday, January 31

They've got your number

In-N-OutThe In-N-Out chain is a beloved California institution replete with local lore, legend and myth.

Apparently, there are only four food items on the 'public' In-N-Out menu: Hamburger, Cheeseburger, Double-Double and French Fries. But like a Masonic handshake, there's more for "those who know" than their straight-up alternate menu of shakes and cola beverages.

Fr'instance, there's a secret Flying Dutchman burger, an Animal Style burger and a 3-by-Meat burger. Many web sites claim to have the complete secret In-N-Out menu, but this one claims to have the whole enchilada (with pictures to prove it).

The folks at Badmouth recently discovered that employees at In-N-Out will do anything to a burger if you ask them -- and in any number.

In-N-Out 20x20Badmouth had heard of a 2x4 Burger that had two beef patties and four slices of cheese. Undaunted, they challenged In-N-Out with an order for a 20x20 burger. Sure 'nuff they got it!

Word got out and soon a good ole Canadian boy named Will stepped up to the plate upping the ante with an order for a 100x100 (actually a Double-Double with 98 extra patties). Will's blog entry indicates 19,490 calories were consumed by 8 eaters, with only one call made on the porcelain telephone.

Now, while the above-linked tales of mass-consumption may disgust (and offer indigestion), nothing can match the claim of eating an entire loaf of Wonderbread in a single bite. Compressing a whole loaf to the point of spontaneous fusion, the intrepid (read foolhardy) folks at Badmouth tried just that with documented results.